Producing Quality Garments with Corporate Responsibility

At Soul Stuff, we strive for sustainability in everything we do, from sourcing materials, to printing, to shipping. This ethos underpins every aspect of our corporate responsibility efforts, including:
• Sustainability and product sourcing
• Community initiatives
• Commitment to the environment
In our pursuit of sustainability, we will never lapse in quality. We balance our corporate responsibility with strict quality control measures, meaning that we produce the best quality garments in the most sustainable way possible.

Sustainability and Product Sourcing

Along with other leading Australian garment brands, we follow the Ethical Fashion Guide. Our two major suppliers, AS Colour and Gildan, both practice ethical material sourcing and garment manufacturing.

AS Colour

AS Colour are committed to producing garments with the assistance of manufacturers who share like-minded values. They will only work with businesses that upload basic human rights and environmental responsibility. When it comes to corporate responsibility, AS Colour also provide:
• Transparent supply chain and production processes
• Responsible Sourcing Strategy
• Dedicated ethical sourcing specialists
You can read more about AS Colour’s dedication to social responsibility on their website.


Like AS Colour, Gildan is dedicated to upholding corporate, social, and environmental responsibility. As one of the international garment industry’s largest employers, they believe in caring for people at all stages of the process. Gildan’s commitment to corporate responsibility also features:
• Employee education and empowerment programs
• Strict natural resource, waste, and energy management
• Local development and community engagement efforts
• If you’d like to read more about Gildan’s responsible practices, you can do so here.

Community Initiatives

Soul Stuff is an Australian owned and operated business, and we employ people from the local community.

Charity Support

Part of our proceeds go to charities – we support Kiva, All Together Now and Cat Adoption Foundation, working to provide support to underprivileged countries, prevent racism and promote animal adoption and rescue. We are also currently working on linking with a mental health organisation as well.

Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to protecting the environment through our business practices.
As the core technology behind our operations, we decided our printers need to be environmentally responsible. To achieve this, our printers use Kornit, printers, the world’s leading sustainable textile printing solution.

Energy Efficient

Kornit printers are designed to maximise energy efficiency. This keeps in step with all Australian and international energy standards for printers and garment makers.

Water Efficient

According to Kornit, the run off from industrial printing and textiles processes equals about 1,875,000 km³ each year. To put that into perspective, that output could fill up the entire Mediterranean Sea every two years.
Kornit printers utilise a 100% waterless printing process, without the need for pre-treatment, steaming, or washing. Aside from the water contained in the ink, there’s no water used, whatsoever.

Low Polluting and Vegan Friendly

Kornit inks are entirely free from heavy metals and dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde and APE. This means that all of our freshly printed garments are completely non-toxic.
These inks are also harmless to the environment. Our garments will only ever feature completely biodegradable ink, free from toxins, and free from animal products, making them completely vegan friendly.