About Soul Stuff

Here at Soul Stuff we design for a unique tribe.

Our message is all about individuality, empowerment, self love and kindness.

Our shirts are individually designed to make you feel strong, sassy and proud of who you are, and the skin you’re in.

We started Soul Stuff  because we  couldn’t find shirts that reflected our personal journey, and we wanted to spread the message of acceptance and strength. Everyone is on their own unique journey, and we want yours to be filled with self love and kindness to yourself and others.

If you pull on one of our shirts and feel a surge of ‘this is me and I own it’, then our job is done.

We have grown from a lounge room & laptop office to a company that sends the message of love all over the world.

All our products are ethically sourced and certified Fair Trade and Child Labour Free, so you can know that  your purchase is having a positive impact on the world.

One dollar from every shirt that we sell goes to Kiva.

You can see your impact here:

Our Rescue Range supports the Cat Adoption Foundation. These guys do amazing things saving the lives of thousands of fur babies every year.

Meet The Tribe!


Sharon is a Self Love Advocate, Word Nerd and Introvert. My Why: I have loved quotes and words forever, and am a firm believer in communication and it’s power. I started Soul Stuff because I wanted clothing that empowered my individuality and journey. I want to spread that empowerment to every one, I want others to know that their wounds, their mistakes, their weirdness and their quirks are who they are, and that they are loved and lovable.


Mel has moved on to other ventures – full time awesome mother, student and advocate of gentle parenting – but will always remain a part of Soul Stuff. Designer of many of the original beautiful tee designs, Mel is an amazingly talented artist and we will always be grateful for the many hours she devoted to getting Soul Stuff off the ground.

We love receiving suggestions from you, our tribe, and welcome your ideas, thoughts and suggestions on what you’d like to see on your next shirt.

You can email us at admin@soulstuff.online with any suggestions, thoughts, ideas or queries – we will respond to you, as soon as we can.